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Parkinnbag (EDUSERVICES SCARL) protects the confidentiality of personal data voluntarily provided by its customers and guarantees the processing of the data in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on privacy and EU Regulation no. 2016/679.

The Data Controller:

The data controller of personal data collected through the application is EDUSERVICES SCARL (C.F. 06019990487 e P.IVA 06019990487) with registered office in Italy, FIRENZE, Piazza San Lorenzo, 6, pec address,  email registered at the FIRENZE Chamber of Commerce under no. FI 593683 of the Business Register (Registro delle Imprese).

Purposes of data processing:

The provision of data and consent to their processing are voluntary and are necessary to complete the on-line purchase and to allow the data controller to fulfil the obligations arising from the contractual relationship that derives from it, as well as to the legal and administrative obligations connected to it.

In addition, these data are collected to: allow the processing of each reservation in an independent and precise way by associating each customer with a unique and random number to be associated with their baggage. The email and the phone are used to send the details of the reservation to the customer or to respond to any requests.

Furthermore, these data are collected for statistical and historical purposes and to send communications, including promotional and commercial ones, to customers.

Type of data collected

Personal data collected are as follows: name, surname, email, phone.

Methods of data processing:

The data controller processes the personal data provided by the User adopting all the security measures necessary to avoid changes, disclosures and uses of the data not specifically authorized by the User.

All personal data collected will not exceed the purpose of the services for which they are collected. In addition to the data controller, personal data may also be processed by parties involved in the organization of the website (e.g. administrative, secretary, commercial) or even external parties (such as server provider, hosting provider, consultants, accountants and lawyers who provide services that are functional to the purposes of the processing). Such persons will be entrusted exclusively to the data controller. The list of data processors can always be requested from the data controller.

Retention period:

Personal data will be stored for a period of time no longer than required for the purposes for which they were provided. However, their removal will be safe.

Cookie Policy:

Parkinnbag uses the cookies used by, a provider of the website. For more information: or

Rights of the interested party:

In accordance with the provisions of  the Regulation 679/2016, the user has the right to ask the data controller to access personal data and to rectify or cancel them or limit the processing that concerns them or to oppose their treatment, in addition to the excising the right of data portability.

The aforementioned requests must be sent to the following pec address:, or by email to The user also has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali –

In case of violation of personal data, the data controller will notify the competent authority as foreseen by art. 33 of Regulation 679/2016 and in those cases where such violation is likely to present a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the individual will communicate without delay the violation to the interested party as foreseen by art. 34 of Regulation 679/2016.



The following definitions apply to the following general conditions of use which regulate the storage of baggage and other services offered via the web to its customers of the Casa per Ferie and only occasionally to other external customers from “Parkinnbag”.

– “Parkinnbag” refers to EDUSERVICES scarl based in Piazza San Lorenzo 6 Florence – Italy – Europe – piva 06019990487 (legitimate owner of the brand and domain Parkinnbag and and defines, with its collaborators and employees, the company which manages a luggage storage service and other services on the website and at its location in Florence Piazza San Lorenzo 6.
– “Traveler or Customer”: is the user of the platform that requests, via the website, a luggage storage service and other services;
– “Service”: refers to the services rendered by Parkinnbag to a traveler via the website;
– “Deposit”: refers to a set of transactions and services that Parkinnbag carries out on the collected baggage;
– “Various services”: any additional services offered by Parkinnbag, such as printing services, delivery of luggage to a different location, transfer to the airport, etc.
– “Online booking”: this is the system through which users give access to the Parkinnbag to the storage reservation service and to the various services.
– “Prohibited Articles”: refers to all goods or materials whose transportation is prohibited by any law, regulation or regulation.

Parkinnbag, through its website, offers the following services: contact, through its platform, all users who require a luggage storage service and other services, providing an online booking service in addition to the deposit service at their headquarters except if others but always under his responsibility and in any case with return to his office unless otherwise requested by the Customer.

To use the online service offered by Parkinnbag, each user must provide their personal data, necessary for the proper functioning of the service.
Parkinnbag will in no way be held responsible for the information provided by users, which could be incorrect or fraudulent.

The deposit service is for Parkinnbag to collect, take care of and return the luggage to the deposit booked by the traveler, to the dates and times indicated on the reservation made on the website

The Traveler is obliged to complete and sign the baggage delivery form provided by Parkinnbag and to keep the part showing the number of the array, necessary to request the baggage.

The subjects of deposit can be luggage and / or parcels containing goods or objects for which there is no legal prohibition. The Traveler assumes all responsibility for the adequacy of storage and for compliance with the legal requirements of the objects entrusted to Parkinnbag for the service.

We are not authorized to store items that are prohibited by law or considered to be hazardous under national law or whose packaging may be harmful to humans, the environment or other stored items. Parkinnbag also does not accept the following items:
– Plants and live or dead animals;
-Grades and negotiable certificates (bills of lading);
-Denaro (paper money, coins, credit cards and travelers checks);
– Other non-negotiable or precious money
-Material that could be defined as pornographic or indecent;
-Material containing weapons or firearms
– Software containing high value information;
– Technological material (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, smartphone)
-I decline;
– Political material;
– Dangerous materials;
-Droghe or psychotropic substances;
– Antiques;
-Metal (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones;
– Bulk products;
-Documents, public or private offers of investments, revenue stamps, food stamps and fuel vouchers, etc.
-Bags other than suitcases, bags or backpacks that in any case should not have dimensions larger than 89 cm of h. and 48 of l. and in any case they can not weigh more than 50 kg.
– Goods with a total value of more than 300 euros, including suitcase, which, if anyway deposited by the Customer and damaged or dispersed by Parkinnbag or its collaborators or employees, will in no case be compensated beyond the aforesaid value.

7.1. It should be noted that Parkinnbag can not control the contents of individual baggage, despite having full power to carry out random checks requesting the prior opening of the baggage to the customer or calling urgently the Public Authorities in case of suspicion on the containment of prohibited materials dangerous.

It should be noted that ParkInnBag can not control the contents of individual baggage, despite having full power to carry out random checks requesting the prior opening of the baggage to the customer or calling urgently the Public Authorities in case of suspicion on the containment of prohibited materials dangerous.

It is up to Parkinnbag to check the luggage of the traveler entrusted with the deposit, reiterating that in any case, Parkinnbag can not previously check its contents under its control.

9.1. Parkinnbag is exempted from responding for any complaint regarding valuables, even if only affective, possibly included in the baggage. In addition, Parkinnbag is not responsible for any shipping costs of the Exchange. In all cases, each bag, with its contents, is covered with a Parkinnbag guarantee for a maximum value of Euro 300.

9.2. Also taking into account that the closure of the baggage is carried out through a warranty card placed in the presence of the customer who will be entitled to photograph / film the operation (without resuming faces or luggage of others), the Company guarantees the payment, in the aforementioned maximum limits, of a sum as compensation for damages to the property of the Customer only if the complaint is made in writing (even by simple email) within 6 hours of collection of the baggage or, in case of total loss of baggage, within 6 hours from time scheduled for collection.

9.3. The complaint to be acceptable must be accompanied – also by sending in the next 48 hours from the aforementioned 6 hours – by a copy of all documentary evidence of the value of the property claimed in compensation, as well as by the formal declaration that the customer does not have other insurance coverage for damages reported.

9.4. If there are fraudulent or inherent denunciations of the objects prohibited under art. 7.1, the Customer will not be entitled to compensation for damages and will have to pay the Company a special penalty of 1000 euros for each piece of baggage subject to fraudulent reporting or inherent prohibited items.

9.5. ParkInnBag will not be liable for any damage in the event of a fire or other extraordinary event, including theft, except that it depends on its fraudulent or grossly culpable offense.
In this regard, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that the premises, including mobile, custody and transport, do not have alarm systems.

9.6. If the Customer requests the additional services [[[“TAKE & / OR]]] RETURN”, ie the collection and / or return of the baggage in a different location from the Company’s premises, any risk of this service will fall on the Customer , also with respect to third parties with respect to PARKINNBAG who will carry out the withdrawal and / or return, can not invoke different compensation rights and greater than those provided for in this Art.9 and antecedent Art.7.

10.1. Once collected from Parkinnbag, the baggage is stored at the cost of the base rate of € 5 per day (except for the different price indicated on the site at the time of filing) and delivered by hand exclusively to the Customer that results in the booking via the web (which has signed the document at the time of collection), unless written proxy (also sent by email to ParkInnBag) to a delegate who will still have to show a copy of the customer’s passport.

10.2. If the baggage exceeds the term of deposit of more than 7 days, PARKINNBAG is authorized, at its sole discretion, or to disentangle it or send it back to the address indicated by the Customer and always at the latter’s expense.
In all cases, the extra deposit costs equal to double the base rate will also be charged, even if only one day later than agreed.

There is no refund in case of cancellation or modification of the reservation.

The e-mail / format that ParkInnBag will send to the Customer at the time of payment will be valid as a receipt of payment and for the collection of the baggage / s (where contextual to payment).

Any dispute will be the exclusive responsibility of the Italian forum of Florence.

Use of the site is subject to acceptance of these Terms of Use.
Only the acceptance of the Conditions allows users access to the services offered by the Site. The acceptance of these conditions is integral and indivisible: therefore users can not choose to apply only some of the conditions or make reservations on them. By accepting the General Conditions of Use, the User also accepts the “Processing of Users’ Personal Data” in accordance with the privacy policy.

For all that is not expressly indicated, reference must be made and all legal provisions are valid pursuant to Italian law.